Original HP Inks activation in Ribeiro


We intervened a shop window with an image of the HP Ink Campaign. A 55" Interactive Multi Touch Screen with an interactive touch film was mounted and installed, in it we placed an HP Printer themed interactive game titled "Drops", we hired an enthusiastic actor/promoter who would be in charge of executing and supervising the action. For 15 days We received thousands of passers-by who played with the interactive Showcase generating a powerful impact and a positive and playful HP brand image!

Additionally, we projected product videos throughout the hours that the game was idle, so as not to stop communicating the message.We brought the public closer to the brand by having them interact with the product through the game and generating traffic to the interior of the retail for those who wanted to consult about the promoted product. More than 3,000 people enjoyed the game, had fun, took photos and won prizes, all that to bring color to going back to school!

HP Inks Activation in Ribeiro Shop Windows