OMEN by HP at Baires e-Sports Center. The Great Competition started!

#Come #Train #Win

HP launches, at the Baires Esports Gaming Center tournaments, its ultra-thin, ultra-light and incredibly powerful OMEN Laptops line, opening a new world for video games. During the 3 months of competitions, gaming fans could live the experience of all OMEN technology in a themed arena equipped with 6 Laptops + accessories that were also used in the weekly competitions.
In parallel, the 1st League of Legend Championship 2019 with OMEN notebooks, where the entire LOL community participated.

But it was through the spectacular GSGO Tournament that we were able to hit the nerve of gamer fanaticism! Along with surprise influencers and streamers, the participants had to demonstrate their superior skills when playing with the OMEN to win the important awards that the brand distributed.
Social networks were the channel used to promote tournaments and strengthen content marketing strategies within this particular niche.

OMEN by HP at Baires e-Sports Center